ManojGeorge 4Srings – Captivating and high-energetic music band, which blends Manoj’s musicianship, creativity and tradition.

The rich musical heritage of India has undergone tremendous metamorphosis over generations, however the core belief has remained intact; taking in the stride of changes due to cross cultural exchange of music. ManojGeorge4Strings is top performing live music band that has clasped these changes and created a signature sound of their own.

ManojGeorge4Strings – The live Music band

ManojGeorge4Strings is a live music band established by Manoj George in 2009. The music band showcases highly talented musicians from India and across the world. A live band for different occasions and different moods. Our band has vast experience and has performed on numerous occasions as a live band for corporate events, music festivals, Public events, and College fests.

Our performances

The Live fusion Band from Manoj George has Collaborated and performed all over the world with many legendary artists such as Hariharan, Shankar Mahadevan, Rocky Dawuni, Lonnie Park, Trilok Gurtu, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, K S Chitra, K.J Yesudas, Martin Vesser, Pt. Ravi Chary,  Kochin Chamaber Orchestra, Lucky Ali, Ricky Kej, Bangalore Chamber Orchestra and many more.

Live Concerts

The love for Experimental touch, involvement with audience and adaptability based on geography, has brought the band with numerous concert opportunities to perform in India and globally. It is one of the few live music bands in India which has performed all across Europe, UK, USA, Australia, and the Middle East.

Live band for Colleges

Live band for college fests, especially is a go to word these days. None of the college fests are complete without a scintillating musical performance by a live band. Manoj George even lights up the occasions more as he is immensely famous for his virtuosic Solo Violin performance on different occasions.

Music Band for TV shows & film Awards

ManojGeorge4Strings is one of the best music bands in India and has been performing for various TV shows and film awards. The ensemble has a unique combination of dance and music. The band also does Choreography based on the performance and geographical requirements.

Programs for NGO's

The music band performs for many NGO's to support their fund-raising programs (Recently Performed at Switzerland to raise the fund for a school in Assam).

Live performance for social events and parties

Facility of a live band for weddings and parties is also one of the tasks which is taken care of with utmost diligence.


Manoj George - The Violin Maestro