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Manoj George’s Passion for Music

Manoj George’s passion in music has initiated him to start a Music school in Bangalore in 2009, for the upcoming generations to thrive in music in a methodical way . Formal and informal techniques from the expert who have performed at various stages across the World, collaborated with acclaimed musicians and who is a Grammy award winning violinist. Guitar Lessons, Violin and other instruments directly from his experience.

Music school in bangalore

Why We?

Manoj George School of Music is the best music school in Bangalore, which gives importance to the step by step quality-oriented teaching of music. The music school was established in 2009 and is situated in the Garden city of India, Bangalore. With three centers of our music school in sarjapur road , we give the best opportunity for craving music lovers to achieve their dreams.

Unique Benefits

Our students get opportunities to perform with live bands, ensembles, international music concerts, film, and album recordings. Students get to work with renowned musicians from all around the world. As part of the curriculum music workshops, seminars, assessments, session performances, etc. are conducted for the overall development of the student. Students are trained, right from the initial years to face the public in confidence, to appreciate the music of all genres, to tackle various issues confronting on stage and to overcome stage fright. We make sure to enroll a limited number of students per batch for better teacher-student interaction.

We train students for all the grade examinations conducted by all the major International Colleges such as Trinity College of Music London, ABRSM, LCM, etc. It is one of the very few music schools in Kasavanahalli which provides music classes for Violin, Keyboard, Piano, Guitar and Western theory. Manoj George school of music is indeed one of the best Music schools in India, which teaches versatility in playing western classical, fusion, Indian, Jazz, Blues, Latin, etc., by keeping Indian contemporary style and its blend close to the heart.

Introductions to film recording techniques, exposure to bands and ensembles.

Workshops and seminars by eminent and International artists

Organize Student's Concerts

Training for International exams ( Trinity College of Music London, ABRSM, LCM etc. )

Course Details

Music Classes from 10.00 AM to 8.30 PM from Monday to Saturday

Our music school follows western classical form of curriculum.

We admit music students from the age of 6

Music classes in Bangalore are offered from our Music School at Sarjapur Road & Music School at Kasavanahalli.

Our Techniques and Curriculum

In India, a Music schools in general follow a specific curriculum, however, Manoj George has spent a lot of time in investigating and refining the music classes and curriculum to be easily understood by the students.

The advancement of technology has affected the systematic way of learning the concepts of music. The basic study of music in every student has to be strong, so as to help him/her to identify the real sense of sound. Music is an art which can be acquired only if there is discipline in one's life which is an extremely important factor for the growth of an individual.

We have highly qualified and talented teachers in our music school to train our students. We follow the Western Classical form of curriculum. Routine tests and exams are conducted to assess the progress of the student. Our institution nurtures students' individually not only in western music but also in inculcating Indian music and values in the curriculum.

Our Centres

2nd floor, #605, 2nd Main, Off Sarjapur Road, Kasavanahalli, Bangalore - 560035

SJR Complex, Sompura Gate, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore - 560035

St. Norbert Church, Kasavanahalli , Off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore - 560035

Teachers at Manoj George School of Music

Teachers at our music schools are highly skilled and experienced. Students will always have full support from our teachers and individual attention is paid. Classes for all musical instruments in our music school in Kasavanahalli or any of the centers in Sarjapur road are conducted by faculties who have great exposure and experience in the music world and have been conducting workshops for students and performing all across India.