| Sep/20/2019

3 secrets to be a great musician

Here is the secret –

1> Practice!

2> Practice!

3> Practice!

Do you want to be a great musician, the only short cut is “Practice”? Practice makes you perfect, irrespective of the music instrument you learn.

How do we practice, what are the important facts to get the best result?

*** Give 100% of involvement in practice session

*** Start each session as if you are a beginner.

*** Keep in mind that the purpose of practicing is to improve yourself.

*** Learn to sacrifices; without struggle, one will not reach the heights.

*** Measure yourself by how efficiently you use time.

*** Dedicate minimum half an hour daily

*** Once again, Be clear on your objective, your ultimate goal is to be proficient.

I learned from Late. Mrs. Philomena Thumboochetty ma’am, the great violinist, more over my Teacher, my guru, that Practice is the only medicine to play any instruments flawlessly. She used to play violin hours together even in her old age. I still remember she used to play effortlessly, that was only due to the dedicated pract