| Sep/18/2019

4Strings – Live Music

Live music – Music brightens the happiness of all the celebrations. The Live Music enhances it further. My live music band, ManojGeorge4Strings performs for all different occasions, but always make sure to keep the uniqueness based on the function. While all the music shows are close to the heart, I always feel the Live shows at College or school has a special vibe. May be because of the young generation that makes me feel young. During these concerts, our team always make sure to convey the message to the students, engage them in one or other ways.

Its all about the preparation; My team and myself put extra effort to plan the program, organize the content, starting from choosing the songs, music, engage sessions, messages, introduction of one of the great musicians etc.

Our band plays any one of the famous compositions during our concerts thru which we intend to create an awareness to people about famous musicians and their compositions.

Reach us on +91-8884132299 or leave your contact details and we will get in touch with you.