5 violin tips for young violin talents from Manoj George

| May/23/2019

5 Violin Tips for Young Violin Talents from Manoj George

Are you passionate about violin? Do you want to refine further? Do you know the vital tricks to play violin joyfully?

Manoj is flying from UK to Bangalore, good climate, he opened  window shield, white clouds- puffy like cotton, and he was falling into beautiful memories.

The last 2 weeks were really exciting for Manoj, he was in UK and being part of multiple performances. He was honoured to receive a warm welcome from the people of UK. He was a narrative about the participation, collaboration, performances, especially a few performances which were joint participation with Manoj and native team, etc.

His next destination was Ireland for an eventful performance, “Rhythms Dance Fest” which was organized by Enniscorthy Street Rhythms. Manoj was really eloquent about this program from his own music band “ManojGeorge4Strings”. He was amazed as always about our integration into different cultures and our adaptability to it. This program had a high presence of people, from honourable defence minister of Ireland, cultural teams among others.

Ireland is very beautiful country, in terms of landscape, people, and culture. And it was harvest festival in Ireland, bright red color everywhere. Even though he wanted to refresh his mind post his performance along with Irish musicians, his thoughts were still hanging around a few young talented people whom he met in UK.

Manoj was able to really relate the confusion they had in the mind because he runs a music school in Bangalore (Manoj George School of Music) and whenever he is in Bangalore, he himself spends time with the students along with other qualified and talented teachers. Hence the questions he heard from them was not new and surprising.

However, these discussions convinced him that learning from the right teachers, experiences, and practice makes one perfect in any instrument. Giving guidance at the right time can make them Mozart of a new generation. This made him pen down a few tips for all who love the violin, all who want to learn the violin, all who wanted to rejoice playing the violin.

These are 5 important Tips; one should keep in mind while playing the violin:

Standing Position – Keep your legs at least 6-8 inches apart, giving equal weights to both legs, in order to balance the body weight equally.

Holding violin – Keep the violin at least by 1-2 inches above the horizontal level

Straight bow – Bow should be kept parallel to the bridge in order to get a straight bowing.

Placement -A bow should be placed between the center of the bridge and fingerboard, and don’t keep the bow close to the bridge

Bow Control – Always practice the scales and open strings as slow as you can in order to obtain the best control over bow.

He would try to demonstrate these tips thru video in the coming weeks. As and when possible, he will also try to provide other key tips and tricks.

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