| Sep/6/2019

Bow Holding Tips

The great violinist Aaaron Rosand once said that when you are playing bow strokes it should not look as if you are ironing a shirt. Many make the mistake of holding the arm above the strings and push the bow down on to the strings.

Here are few recommended approaches:

·        The bow rests on the string and the violin holds the bow. Balance the bow on the string. Lightly touch the bow with your fingers.

·        Place the bow at the frog on the E string. Only the knuckles must be above the bow stick and the wrist.

·        Right arm should be well below the level of the bow stick. The elbow should point down to the ground.

The great violinist Ruggiero Ricci said that a high right elbow is a prescription for early retirement. Hence, do take care of your self and let the music flow longer!

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