| Jun/14/2019

Fathers Day

Father’s Day

Deepness of ocean. Have you ever felt the love and care of father is so deep, which is beyond explanation? Or did you feel that he is always your shadow?

You travel a lot for work? Do you think 24 hours is not good enough in a day? You don’t have enough time? Time to speak to your father/parents?

Manoj George, the musician, violinist, performer, music composer moreover a mentor has a different opinion. He spends about half of the year away from his hometown and family based in Bangalore. Bouncing from concerts to music festivals to music composing.

Its 6.30 AM in Bangalore, Manoj is still in love with his bed. Looking thru the windows, he felt the smile of the plants and smelt their happiness. The sunrays along with yesterday’s raindrops has given a golden look to some of the leaves. The day is starting very beautifully, the smile transmitted him too.

His father, his inspiration, who walked along with him, made him to dream big, realised his passion, bought his first violin, always confident about him, believed in him.

Father, none other than him understands the pain of his children, consoles when in trouble. who never express his feeling thru words, but always guide us in right path.

Manoj and his father share very high emotional bond, Manoj refers him as sunshine of his life, his strength.

When most of the people were not considering music as a profession and parents were not encouraging their kids to learn music, Manoj’s father never insisted him to focus only on academic studies, but let him fly in his own world.

Now he realises his father’s love much more than before, after he become a father. So even in his busy schedule, he will make sure to visit his parents who stays in Thrissur, Kerala.

He can keep on talking about his father, It is time for him to focus on his next schedule. He just completed background score for a documentary film “Drag Queens”, first time in India.  Now he is moving on to his new project, an orchestral composition.

Do you agree with him that many times, even if we want, we do not find time to meet our parents or dear ones? we postpone.  Should we change our perspective? It is never too late.

He does not believe, a specific day is mandatory to start or end anything, however, sometimes it helps us to turn-on our memories, remind us to initiate or re-initiate to begin a new step.

Let us start this change from Father’s Day, 16 Jun 2019.

Until we meet next….

Con Mucho Amor..