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| Oct/1/2019

Learn music as if it has no limits

Salil Chowdari  – the legend Music Composer

While walking thru Goa beaches, the feel was different. My memories were always charming beach, exotic nightlife, however something was different this time. It is that time of the year again, which you rarely experience, the time when rain kisses the sea, the time when clouds showers the sea, the time when waves give a tight hug to the shores.

Waking on the lovely beach, humming a song of Salil Chowdari, “Sagarame santhamaka nee” a Malayalam song, took me to a different world, the romantic feel of nature. Salil Chowdari’s music was always as beautiful as or more beautiful than the nature’s beauty.  His music was like symphony of sea waves.

My favourite music director, learned western style, unique mix of notes and Arpeggios, based on different chord progression, made him unique and legend. One of my favourite music directors, who had proved that music does not have limits.