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| Jun/18/2019

Learning music online vs in-person coaching

Dream begins with a teacher.

India has well talented artists. Independent music in India has grown tremendously in last few decades. This has been achieved by dedication and with the guidance of good teachers or Guru.

Music is best medicine for stress relief. It stimulates brain development and memory. In this fast-moving world, where everyone thinks that the time is not enough, Manoj George is in an opinion that we have to keep atleast one hour daily for music to keep ourselves refreshing from day-to-day challenges.

While we have lot of option to learn music, especially online, he points out that it’s important to learn directly from teacher atleast for the initial years, because:

Strong base – It’s very hard to change or correct the way we learned, hence basics need to be learned perfectly. Strong base is crucial while learning any instrument.

First time right – Holding the instrument correctly, fingering, etc are important for playing the instruments flawlessly. Difficult to capture it unless learned with guidance

Value add – With professional support, one can enhance the creativity for versatile playing.

We are Diverse – Every students’ interest and capabilities are different. Teaching techniques can be different for each student.

Attention – Get individual attention based on each student’s talent

Correcting and making right – We all make mistakes while learning, Correcting the mistakes at right time from the right source of truth makes difference in learning curve.

Steady Growth – Self-taught students gets stuck after certain levels due to lack of good techniques and guidance

Qualified teachers – Capability, expertise, qualification of teachers can be evaluated.

Manoj recommends live online tutoring for students in abroad or in remote areas, where they get opportunity for real-time interaction with teachers.

He has much more to say, but always good to hear from you. What are your thoughts and opinion?

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