| Sep/27/2019

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Salzburg, the beautiful city in Austria, most fascinating city, my dream travel destination. Stunning architecture, galleries, beautiful landscape, however most attractive for me is “the vibe of music” in the city.

I feel, the harmony of music was created at this place. Yes, true, it is the birthplace of Mozart. During my childhood, I got opportunity to listen to his symphonies, that gave me interest to learn western classical music. The moment I stepped into Mozarts birth place, listening to his symphonies, I realised the impact created by him, my eyes were watering, his music filled in me. Its was like entered into a house, where someone close to heart lived; Spent hours together, only feeling his music.

This visit influenced me to compose own music, and I have been successful and composed many. My live music concerts will always have my own compositions. Please subscribe to my you tube channel for listening to my own compositions.

Listen to Saraswati, my own composition: