| Sep/4/2019

Music Grade Exams

Manoj George School of Music follows a new revolutionary approach which is easy to learn and understand even for naïve students, this is constructed from our own experiences and lessons learned from our esteemed teachers. However, we do follow syllabus as prescribed by the international music colleges like “Trinity College, London” ABRSM etc, which is incorporated to our own proprietary system of teaching, to support students to appear for exams and obtain necessary music grades.

Students are guided for exams once in a year; and the preparation starts atleast 6 months prior to the exams.  Grade exams are numbered from 1 to 8 in increasing order, post which next level starts. As per the exam structure, Candidates perform three or more pieces, and technical work featuring scales and arpeggios, exercises or orchestral extracts. They also choose two supporting tests from a selection including sight reading, aural, musical knowledge and improvising.

Manoj George School of Music have been consistently achieving 100% result for the exam by ensuring continuous practices, multiple performance sessions in our Music School before you appear for exams. Many of our students have obtained the highest grade 8, by which they also gain UCAS points for Grades 6-8 supports their future academic and career opportunities.

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