| Sep/9/2019

My sweet memories of Onam

Being born and brought up in Thrissur, Onam is a very special for me, like every other Malayali. Beautiful memories. Our festival mood starts from Atham, even though exams are held during these days.

The harvest festival, celebrated by all Keralites irrespective of religion, caste, belief etc… I still remember neighbouring families share the vegetables, fruits, banana chips, banana etc… like any other festivals, share the happiness with each other, as well, make sure everyone celebrates and be part of Sandhya. Preparation for Sandhya used to start from 2 days before.

My childhood memories were happier, because of school holidays. Starting from Atham, we used to put “pookkalam”, be part of “Kummattikali” go along with Kummatti.  Unlike these days, Collecting the flowers were most enjoyable part, we start early in the morning walking around the farms to pluck the flowers, which was used for Pookkalam.  Getting onakkodi from my Appachan was so beautiful.

Best part of Onam, which I always enjoyed still look forward to is: “Pulikali”, If I get a chance, I plan to be Thrissur to be part of Puli kali. I would be waiting in front of “Vadakkunnathan Temple” so that I can be part from the beginning. The Thalam or Rhythm of Pulikkali motivated me in my music.