| Apr/20/2019

Swati Suresh

I joined the institute around two years back. I started off as a first grade keyboard student but soon my interest shifted onto piano as my teachers often gave me a chance to play on the piano and sometimes he played a few piano melodies for us. Later, I shifted from keyboard to piano and now I’ve given my first Trinity exam in piano.
As a beginner, I was really nervous about playing the piano but my teachers and Manoj sir boosted my confidence up and now my piano is like my best friend!
We also had an annual meet where students played different instruments and we came to know about different instruments.
Manoj sir also took us to his recording studio once where he told us about how different musical instruments could be tuned together in the computer instead of manually playing them.
My teachers, Manoj sir and the others behave in a very friendly manner to me and even though I got to this reputed musical institution, I’ve never felt like an outsider and always felt my class as my home.
The music school has not only helped me in improving in piano but also made me love music more !!