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Piano Class

The piano is a string and a contemporary instrument. One needs to be diligent in techniques like Hand movement, fingering, seating posture, usage of a pedal, expressions/dynamic, articulations, etc in order to attain perfection and embellish music. We provide best Piano classes in bangalore.

Piano recommendations: Upright piano or a good digital piano with weighted keys. Upright Piano would be the best and right choice for students

Fee Structure:
Fees at piano classes in bangalore: Fees varies with the grade, Our fee structure is convenient with multiple payment options.

Timings at piano classes in bangalore: We are open from 10 to 8.30 PM to accommodate different professionals and age groups.


We are providing Piano classes in Bangalore since 2009.

One class per week and we offer 48 classes in an academic year. The practice is very important to learn quickly and perfectly.

For certifications, there are 8 grades as per TCL, we train them beyond the certification needs, but focusing on music perfections. We also train them for ATCL, LTCL, FTCL diplomas. We train them to get admission in other international universities too.

Practice makes one an expert; which is very true in the case of Students learning any instrument. We recommend the daily practice, at least30 minutes to 1 hour per day

Regular Classes Monday to Saturday (Sunday Off)
Timing: 10 to 8.30 PM
Western Classical form of curriculum.
For students above 6+ of age